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PU Only

Hello, Dear Friend! Are you perhaps confused about the types of licenses this site is offering? Do not worry, this guide will help you!

We have 3 different licenses – PU Only, CU Only and R4R.


PU Only is only for personal online/digital use. This means that you can create an unlimited amount of:

  • psp tags,
  • virtual greeting cards,
  • banners and other things for non-commercial use.
  • You can greet your friends and family with your creations, decorate your social media profile and blogs with them, showcase them in special contests for psp taggers.



You can alter the pictures slightly – recolor them, use different parts of the drawing or the full body image. For example, you can change the characters skin tone or the color of their dress. You cannot, however, alter their facial features, they body shape and etc.



No products may be sold or bartered or used for profit, commercial or “break-even” endeavors in any way. Furthermore, no product may be displayed on any website or community that offers private or commercial services to the public.

You may not share our products in anyway be it via email, disk, file sharing site, p2p or any other known methods of file sharing.

All tubes must have the copyright symbol, full name of the artist and artist website (depending on group rating). You may not place a copyright symbol with your name on or around the image as it is considered a derivative work.

You can put “tubed, tagged, sig by, etc” as your tagging mark.

If you want to use product for profit, you should consider purchasing our other licenses or emailing the artist personally to order a picture.


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